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Delete Identify your website visitors

In order to identify your website visitors and their actions into your website. 

Tools like Segment.io, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, GoSquared,  Google Analytics, Cutsomer.io and Woopra give you the opportunity to report and ties a customer and their actions to a recognizable ID and traits like their email, name, etc. 

To collect this information, those tools require JavaScript and coding skills. 

However now, with Weelytics you can visually navigate to your login and registration forms, right click on the submit button and choose wich field we will use to identify the users.

After, by hitting the "Publish" button, all this information will be available on your favorite tool.

Here is exactly how it works (Log me in form example):

Full video is here.


In the destination tool (Woopra in this case), your visitor Alice and her interactions with your website will be show as below:

That was Easy!

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